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The Hottest Solar Pool Heating System on Earth!
FAFCO Revolution Solar Pool Heater

FAFCO's Revolution Solar Panel has achieved the highest thermal performance rating in the industry (as rated by the Florida Solar Energy Center).

FAFCO's innovative engineering translates into a more effective product to heat your pool - giving you more value for your money and warmer water for your pool.

  • Patented water flow metering system distributes water evenly with no hotspots
  • Raises your pool temperature up to 10 degrees or more
  • Fully wetted surface with approximately 200 tubes - significantly more than competitor's panels - putting more water in touch with the sun's warmth
  • Crafted at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Made of durable, lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant polyolefin material with blended proprietary additives
  • Manufactured in the USA under exacting, quality control standards
  • 15 year worry-free warranty

The result of this innovative engineering is the most effective solar pool heating system in the world - and a warmer, more comfortable pool temperature for you.

Founded in 1969, FAFCO is the oldest and largest producer of solar pool heating panels in the United States.
  Pioneered solar pool heating industry in 1969
  Over 1,000,000 panels installed worldwide.
  2" header distributes water evenly and efficiently.
  Fully wetted surface places more water intouch with sun's energy.
  21 patents, international and domestic.
  Only solar panel that Revolutionizes water flow.
  Patented flow metering system.
  FAFCO has been blending and extruding its own solar panel materials longer than any other company in teh business.
  Patented spin welds ensure trouble-free connections.
  State-of-the-art roof mounting system.
  15-Year Worry-Free Warranty.
  FAFCO is the only company that has been continuously in the solar business longer than their warranty!